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This is my news page for present and prospective patients

I have now been treating lots of Patients with my Cosmetic Acupuncture, including one man. Even the abdominal Cosmetic Acupuncture is working well .I am now working on protocols for the buttocks and thighs. Have a look at the Cosmetic Acupuncture pages for my new before and after photos. If this is not proof, then what is?! I am now the only Acupuncturist in the UK to be qualified in the Mei Zen system of Cosmetic Acupuncture so I am pleased.

Multi-Clinics; I am an individual practitioner who has time to give you one to one treatment based on my sixteen years of experience. In a Multi-Clinic everyone is in a large room with the Therapist going quickly from one Patient to another. I like to sit and read the Patient's notes, then if I have a question I can ask the Patient more questions before consulting my books, this is the way I have built up my knowledge over the years. I charge more because I work on a one to one basis so you have my full attention.

This year I went on a 'Trigger Point' Acupuncture course. This helps with muscular aches and pains and has worked very well so far. The needles go in deeper than usual and the area can ache a bit afterwards but the results can be very good.

As for my garden I am now at the back of the house. I have taken so long doing the garden that I am now having to replace some of the fence panels!


If anyone can suggest a link on my 'useful links' page please do. I am trying to make this into a resource for those with similar interests to my own. use my 'Feedback' page and this will get a message to me, thanks.

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