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What is Acupuncture ?

Acupuncture is performed by inserting small, sterile needles into points on the body that are known as Acupuncture points. They are usually on the meridians which are channels that surround the body and carry energy. This energy is known as 'Qi' which is often translated as 'life force'. What makes a human body alive? We are just a mass of bones and tissue after all, The Chinese Medicine idea is that it is Qi that brings us to life. Qi can stagnate, be deficient or go out of balance in other ways. It is this Qi that is balanced by the insertion of needles into the points, in this way disease or dis-ease can be controlled and often a person can be brought back to a stable condition.

    Needles in skin


The needles are very small, this shows four needles next to a 10p piece




1,500BC Shang Dynasty. First evidence of Acupuncture.

400BC Warring states period. Acupuncture took a transition from Demonic to a Naturalistic form of Medicine. The concepts of Yin and Yang and the 5 Elements were formed. Needles were made of bronze and iron.

200BC the 'Nei Jing' was published. This is the book that most Acupuncture theory is based upon.

562AD China presented books and charts to Japan.

618-907AD Tang dynasty. An Imperial Medical College was active in China, the course lasted 7 years. This was before the battle of Hastings!

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